Fresh Flowers

Our experience of the business and our confidence in our suppliers enable us to buy the best flowers each season.

The flowers arrive fresh twice a week and come to us cut and in water. Travelling in chilled container Lorries to ensure they’re in the best condition. We quality check the flowers as they arrive to ensure orders are perfect. You can collect flowers throughout the week as they’re stored in our large cooler.

So if you’re looking to purchase flowers for weddings, parties, festivals or funerals we will ensure the flowers are in optimum condition for you.

Please note our fresh flower prices move in line with the auctions; please contact us for these weeks’ prices.


You can either give us a full flower order or we can help you create your order by:
• Giving you ideas and advice on a colour theme and seasonality of the flowers you want.
• Tell you which sundries items you need to create your displays.
• Give you an estimation of your flower costs.

Once you have decided on your flower order, we will advise you of an order date. If necessary, we can arrange to split your flower order. For example for Saturday weddings, freesias and lilies can be bought in on the Monday. These will then be carefully cut and the stems placed in deep water and stored safely in our coolers which allow the flowers to open slowly.
The “softer” flowers, such as roses, delphiniums and larkspur will be bought in on the Thursday. Your flowers will then be ready for collection on Thursday or Friday. In this way, the flowers should be in full bloom and at their most vibrant for the wedding date.

Flower festival

Do you organise your church flowers?

We understand that planning your flower festival can be a challenge. The choice of flowers is wonderful but it can be bewildering and daunting too.

You can either give us a full flower order or we are able to help you plan your festival flowers.

Call us to discuss your fresh flowers enquiry/order 01452 507438.